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Is This the Future of HealthCare?

by Dave on October 4, 2011

a doctors stethoscope coming out of a  laptopFinally, someone is using technology to revolutionize healthcare administration. Every time I’m in a doctor’s office, filling out yet another set of paperwork (on paper), I wonder why I can’t do that at home in front of a computer. I wonder why there are so many forms and why I have to write identical information multiple times. I wonder why I can’t do the paperwork once and share it with doctors when I need to. What happened to computers, technology, and the Internet? The healthcare industry has the latest medical equipment, yet the business end doesn’t seem to have changed in what – 50 years?

Well, someone finally got it.

As documented in this article (, a tech-savvy M.D. Named Jay Parkinson, opened a tech-savvy practice in Brooklyn in 2007. The administration of this practice is web-based. He used Google Calendar to allow patients to book their own appointments online. He used PayPal to accept payments, Formstack for medical histories and e-mail, Skype video, text messaging, and IM to stay in touch with patients.

When was the last time your doctor used this kind of technology? Never? Me too.

Within 6 months Jay had 400 patients. In 2008, with the help of a software company, Hello Health ( was founded to take Jay’s ideas to the rest of the country.

I’ve watched a number of the videos about hello Health and I believe these to be the most useful:
Hello Health Patient Experience – YouTube 2:00 –
Jay explains Hello Health – YouTube 2:00 –
This video explains the Hello Health Web platform to doctors:
Hello Health Platform Tour – YouTube 5:32 –

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