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Has Wi-Fi Become a Necessity?

by Dave on February 24, 2011

wi-fi symbolThe answer, according to recent research, is ‘yes,’ especially if you’re a Millennial. 56% of Millennials participating in the survey agreed. In fact American Millennials now spend more time using a Wi-Fi enabled device than watching television.

This research confirms the very different communication preferences between different generations. See my previous articles here, here and here

The belief that wi-fi has become a necessity is apparently shared across other age groups as well. Related research by Wakefield Research, commissioned by the Wi-Fi Alliance, says more Americans are ‘borrowing’ their neighbor’s wi-fi than ever before. In a 2008 poll only 18% of respondents admitted tapping into an unprotected network that wasn’t theirs. In the most recent poll 32% of respondents admitted doing the same.

Be sure to secure your wi-fi network.

USA Today article –

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