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Hackers Selling Access to Military and Government Websites?

by Dave on February 13, 2011

Access Denied? Not Really

Access Denied? Not Really

Every time I think I’ve seen the ultimate in hacker’s audacity, they surprise me. This time I’m not just surprised, I’m floored. Either these sites were very poorly protected, or the hackers are quite sophisticated. I suspect the former.

In 2010, security company Imperva began a research initiative to learn more about cybercrime. In January of 2011, they posted a stunning announcement on their blog Dozens of military, government and educational sites have been hacked and access to these sites was for sale. Hacked sites include those in the governments of Italy and Albania, the states of Michigan and Utah, educational sites in India and Uruguay, and military sites in Albania and the U.S.

Krebs on Security has more information here:  He includes screen captures of some of the compromised sites and the asking price for access. Scary stuff.

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