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Help for the ‘Texting While Walking’ Crowd

by Dave on March 29, 2013

We’ve all seen them, those that are so absorbed in their smartphone that they attempt to walk while texting or answering e-mail, etc.

Here’s a quick – and funny – video that explains the problem, as well as a rational solution.


If you’re seriously addicted however, that solution may not have great appeal. The answer? An app of course! Actually, one of several apps that uses the front facing camera of many smartphones to create a heads-up display of the sidewalk ahead. So those truly addicted don’t have to take their eyes off their task. Running into those lamp poles can really sting.

Android apps that can help you avoid being a human pinball include Sidewalk by Tagged Inc., Transparent Screen, by Song Siyu, both of which are free, and Walk and Text-Transparent by Incorporate Apps. On the iPhone side the apps include Type n Walk by CGactive LLC and Walk While You Text App by ThisIsWhyImBroke.

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