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Recent Scams

4/17/13 – Harrisburg phone scammer takes $2,000 by claiming to be city rep –

4/16/13 – Explosion of Boston Bombing Scams -

4/10/13 – Scammers target promgoers with fake designer dresses -

4/9/13 – Credit Card Scam Hits California Merchants

4/2/13 – Online Classified Scams Still Going Strong -

3/31/13 – BBB warns of scammers who use Craigslist


9/23/11 – Bogus University, Bogus Website Fuel Scam -

9/20/11 – New Twist on Traffic Scam Involves Red Light Cameras, Credit Cards – –

9/2/11 -  TECO warns customers of credit-card scam – –

9/1/11 – Tampa street criminals steal millions in huge tax scam – –

8/24/11 – Idaho Attorney General warns homeowners against joining scam lawsuits against their mortgage lenders. – –

8/26/11 -  New High Tech Check Scam Uses Smart Phones – –

8/26/11 – Staged Car Accident Scam Spreading To Suburbs, Rural Areas – ABCActionNews –

8/17/11 – ‘Free Medical Care’ Scam fools Seniors in Nebraska -  North Platte Telegraph –

8/9/11 – Telephone Cramming: Is Your Phone Company Helping the Criminals? – Credit Tips Today –

7/30/11 – ‘Facebook Killer Video’ Scam Spreading Quickly -  A new scam is spreading quickly through Facebook. It pretends to be a link to a TV news story about a ‘Facebook killer’. According to this article, the link leads to a fake YouTube webpage where you will be asked to share the link (of a video you haven’t seen) with your friends. Afterwards it leads to a typical Facebook survey scam asking for personal information. –

7/28/11 – Wells Fargo Warns of New Automated Voicemail / Text Message ScamThe Salt Lake Tribune –

7/21/11 – Fake Police Tickets Target Email Inboxes – –

7/20/11 – Door hanger scam making the rounds – Ozark Gateway News –

7/20/11 – DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) warns of new scam – WTKR – While many would recognize this scam immediately, there are still some would fall for it.

7/13/11 – Traffic stop exposes multimillion dollar mail scam – Toronto Sun – Is it really this easy to be a criminal? -

6/29/11 – Scam Aimed at Hotel Guests – In this credit card scam the bad guys are calling hotel guests in the middle of the night. They claim to be an employee of the hotel and tell the guest the computer has crashed and they need the guest’s credit card number. The scammer may also offer a discount for the inconvenience.

6/29/11 – Latest Tax Scam – The IRS recently issued a warning about a tax scam about electronic federal tax payments. The scam begins with an e-mail saying that tax payments send through the email recipient through the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) have been rejected. This fake e-mail then offers a link that sends the victim to a malicious website that downloads software into their computer.

6/24/11 – New Text Scams Draining Bank Accounts – Richmond County Daily Journal –

6/23/11 – New Red-light Camera Scam Seen in Texas – KFDA –

6/22/11 – Here’s a detailed look at a Craigslist rental scam – Observer News –

6/18/11 – New Version of Old Scam Targets Lawyers – SBM Blog –

6/14/11 – Phony FBI Agents -

6/14/11 – Fake Health Inspector Scam Targets Local Restaurants – KTNV –

5/24/11 – Telephone kidnapping scam reaches Orange County – –

5/14/11 – Here’s a new one: Fake Locksmiths Dispatched from A National Call Center. Can you say ‘organized?’ -

5/2/11 – Vehicle scam sweeping the nation – yet another Craigslist scam – –

5/3/11 - Osama bin Laden Dead – ‘We got him’: bin Laden shot twice – –

4/30/11 – Craigslist scams claim victims in Farmington – Farmington Daily Times –

4/30/11 – Crooks prey on human tendencies to scam investors – The Washington Post –

4/29/11 – Scottsburg teen charged in Craigslist scam – WAVE 3 News – Louisville, Kentucky –

4/29/11 – Sophisticated Treasury notes scam – authorities seize $1.2 billion in counterfeit documents – –

4/27/11 – ‘Smishing’ Scams Start With a Phone Call or Text Message – PRWeb –

4/27/11 – AG Warns Of Scam That Makes Job Seekers Pay To Apply – WBNS-10TV, Central Ohio News –

4/27/11 – ‘Modern Warfare 2′ phishing scam, warns Microsoft – Gaming News – Digital Spy –

4/27/11 – Vancouver police warn of apartment rental scam – Vancouver Sun –

4/26/11 – Scammer Posed as Buyer in Online Craigslist Scam – WLUK-TV –

4/26/11 – Texting / Phone Scam Active in Washington State – Tri-City Herald –

4/26/11 – Phone Scam to Obtain Banking Information Still going Strong – –

4/26/11 – Novel scam: Cybercrooks target Kindle e-books – MSNBC –

4/25/11 – Fake Fraud Investigator Arrested, 100  Victims Possible – –

4/22/11 – Royal Wedding Scareware Spreading – –

4/20/11 – Surprisingly good information from the FTC on avoiding online scams – OnGuard Online –

4/20/11 - Mystery Shopper Scam – Insight From Microsoft- Microsoft Malware Protection Center –

4/17/11 – Cops and firefighters’ identities stolen in tax return scam – South Florida –

4/15/11 – New Gmail scam going around – Google –
Confirm your account information – yada, yada.

4/15/11 – Is the ‘Online PC Care’ Service A Phone Scam? – Bill Mullins’ Tech Thoughts –
Accoring the this article it is. Be very careful of unsolicited phone calls that offer to ‘fix’ your computer.

4/15/11 – Florida prisoners lead the nation in tax refund scams – ABCActionNews –

4/14/11 – Postal inspectors warn of change-of-address scam - –
Websites offering change of address service for $20 – $30 when the service actually costs $1 online or free in person.

4/14/11 – Woman caught in Craigslist scam – –
Told police she answered an ad for a job with a security company.

4/13/11 – Facebook Photo Scam Spreading Rapidly - WebProNews –

4/12/11 – ‘Naked pic’ scam spreads across Internet - MSNBC –
This subject of this scam e-mail is “my naked pic is attached”. The file attached isn’t what you think. According to Sophos security it’s a fake anti-virus attack. The goal is to con you into believing you have computer problems and giving the scammers your credit card info.

4/12/11 – Bank text message scam spreads, involves cell phones, credit cards - –
You get a text message saying “your card starting with 5537 has been deactivated. Please contact us at…” then gives a phone number. However, in most cases, the 5537 numbers (or whatever number the scammers may write) don’t actually match any credit cards you have.

4/12/11 – FBI Warns Those in Utah of text message scam – Salt Lake Tribune –
This is a text message scam saying their credit card has been deactivated. The scammers hope they panic and call the phone number given and provide their bank card number or Social Security number.

4/10/11 – Grandparent Scam Going Strong Warns Napa County District Attorney - Vallejo Times Herald –

4/9/11 – Vermont State Police warn of credit-card phone scam - Burlington Free Press –
Authorities said an unidentified woman was called recently at 1 a.m. and told that her daughter was in the hospital and was making a collect call home. The caller  told the woman the charges wouldn’t go through and asked for a credit card number. You know the rest.

4/8/11 – Scammer targets Marines in yard sale scam – –

4/07/11 – You’ve Won! Lottery Scam – KNDO/KNDU –
A man using a Jamaican accent calledvictims  telling them they won money in a sweepstakes. Police reports say the caller will tell the person they won a million dollars and to receive the money they need to send money or provide their bank account number.

4/7/11 – Photoshop Scam Spreading On Facebook – –

4/7/11 – Advance fee loan scam warning issued in Maine against Florida companies - –
Out-of-state consumers have asked Maine officials about web sites posted by the two Florida companies. In each case the victims were asked to transfer advance fees to a Florida location in order to secure the promised loans. Neither company is a licensed lender, and advance-fee consumer loans are illegal under federal law.

4/7/11 – Marriage Scam Ring Busted in US - –
A scam marriage ring uncovered by investigators found that foreigners were being charged up to $60,000 so they could marry U.S. citizens who were either homeless or drunks.

4/7/11 – Dating Scam Targets Women of Indian Descent - – Firefox
He preyed on women using social networking sites that included and He stole their hearts, and then moved on to steal their identities and their savings.

4/5/11 – California Man Sentenced in Mystery Shopper Job Scam – –×107
A California man who was found guilty of falsely promising bartending and mystery shopper jobs to thousands of people across the country in a $6 million scam has been sentenced to six years in federal prison.

4/11/11 – What now? A DNA test scam in Australia & New Zealand – –
Here’s a new one. A DNA testing kit, containing a swab stick and a reply envelope, is sent out randomly. The envelope asks for a $39.99 processing fee and their credit-card details. In return the scammers promise information on health, diet, intellect, compatibility, and even how to live longer.

4/4/11 – Payday Loan Scam Hitting Consumers – News Story - KRDO Colorado Springs –

4/4/11 – Oakland scam suspect makes surprise court appearance, is arrested – San Jose Mercury News –

4/4/11 – Conde Nast Wires $8 Million to Scammer in Alleged Spear Phishing Scam – eWeek -

4/4/11 – Facebook Photoshop App Scam Lures 600,000 Users With Fake Photos - Huffington Post –

4/4/11 – Landlord’s rental listing cloned by scammer – KVAL CBS 13 -
A scammer took the rental information from a Eugene Oregon landlord, created an ad of their own, posed as the landlord and  asked potential renters to send in the first month’s rent.

4/4/2011 – Businesses, Beware: Latest Scam Targets Colorado Organizations – KKTV –
Colorado Secretary of State announced that a fraudulent letter has been sent out to many businesses in Colorado asking for a $225 annual fee to file reports with the Secretary of State’s office. The letter is fraudulent—in most cases, the annual fee to file with the Secretary of State is $10.

4/2/11 – Japan Donation Scams Are Spreading -
Wall Street Journal –
Charity scams connected to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan are continuing to spread according to the FBI and others. The scams have spread via email, appeals on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and fake charity websites.

4/1/11 – Police Suspected When Confiscated Goods Turn Up On eBay – TechEye –
Three Merseyside, England officers have been suspended after undercover officers find confiscated electronics for sale on eBay.

4/1/11 – Fraudsters target exhibitions - Chronicle –
This e-mail scam targets organizers selling stalls at international trade shows. The scammer, pretending to be a foreign government asks to reserve a booth and to rent a vehicle. Later they cancel and ask for a refund.

3-31-11 – Georgia Police Investigating Several Craigslist Scams - WSAV TV –
One is a job scam. It’s a listing looking for a driver for an elderly family member. After or even before services are provided, they pay – with a check. It will be for too much and they’ll ask you to forward the difference to another location. Then the check bounces. The other is an auto scam. You find a vehicle to purchase. You pay the seller with a check. You never receive your car.

3/31/11 – You’ve Won! (not really) Another phone scam aimed at elderly – CBS 21 News –
A 90 year old Pennsylvania resident a call saying he was the winner of a multi-million dollar prize and a new car. But he was required to send a total of $1,500.00 in cash. Fortunately the potential victim called  police before following the instructions.

3/31/11 – Phishing scam masquerades as Adobe upgrade – CNET News –
This phishing spam tries to trick people by offering an upgrade to Adobe Acrobat. The link offered in the e-mail leads to a phishing website designed to capture personal information.

3/30/11 - US visa scam gets personal – Arab News –
This phishing attack targeted individuals who were likely to be interested in a US immigrant visa. The actual phishing e-mail contained the individual’s full name, nationality and telephone number. A portion of one of these e-mails is displayed here so all our readers can see how convincingly this fraud was put together.

3/30/11 – The Ever-Present SOS Scam – ElevenNews –
The SOS cam occurs when someone receives an e-mail from a co-worker about being robbed and stranded. It begins by using someone’s contact list and a phony SOS story to get wired money.

3/30/11 – Victims: Adoption Web Site Is A Scam – CBS Chicago –
Police say the website provides details on pregnant women with their age, race and other information. The woman behind the site talks the families into paying thousands of dollars yet they get nothing in return.

3/29/11 – Room rental internet scam starts on Craigslist  – KMTR Eugene OR –
Two victims recently posted on Craigslist, seeking roommates. Each student was contacted by a scammer claiming to be a foreign student moving to Eugene soon. The scammers sent more than the cost of rent then asked for the student victims to wire some of the extra money back. The victims complied and afterwards found out later that the original payment bounced.

3/29/11 – Latest Tax Scam is by Fax - Krebs on Security –
This tax scam begins with an e-mail warning of discrepancies on the recipient’s income tax return and requests that personal information be sent via fax to a toll-free number.

3/29/11 – Nationwide Collection Phone Scam
The scammer claims to be from a collection agency and typically knows a lot of personal information including previous employment, social security number and bank information. They demand money and often call multiple times.

3/28/11 – Florida Attorney General Warns of Telephone Scam Using Fake Caller Identification - State of Florida –
The scam artists calls his victims pretending to be a family member asking for money. The scammer uses the system to display the caller ID of the family member he is pretending to be. The elderly are the easiest targets for this type of phone scam.

3/28/11 – Brazen New UK Identity Theft Scam Simply Asks for ID Documents - Naked Security –
I’m sure your first reaction is that this scam has simply no chance of success. After all, who uses a fax machine at all these days? And, of those who do, who would put copies of their ID documents into the hands of an arbitrary third party? Sadly, the answers are: lots of companies, and many people.

3/27/11 – Thieves Scam Georgia Teen through Video Game – WMGT Macon Ga. –
His mom, Lisa, says it started when her teen started chatting on Xbox Live with a stranger. He was offered something he wanted – Microsoft points used for Xbox games. That was the bait in this phishing scam.

3/27/11 – Craigslist Scam – Fake Home Rentals – WTAP West Virginia –
Impostors are listing homes in the area for rent or lease on Craigslist and asking the interested parties to send the first month’s rent.
3/27/11 – Here’s the same scam being run in California.

3/27/11 – ‘Grandparent scam’ targets Charlotte area seniors - –
The N.C. Attorney General’s Office has received 12 complaints this year about seniors who have fallen victim to what they call the ‘Grandparent Scam,’ losing a total of $129,889.  And this phone scam isn’t limited to North Carolina.

3/25/11 – WoW phishing email threatens with account termination
World of Warcraft (WoW), a hugely popular online game, is often the target of scammers. The latest scam is a phishing e-mail that threatens the user with account termination. If the victim responds they are taken to a fake, login page hosted on a server in China where their login info is stolen and

3/25/11 – Man Nearly Trapped In Internet Scam – WRTV Indianapolis –
INDIANAPOLIS – A Shelby County man looking for a way to support his family stumbled into a scam he luckily uncovered before getting in trouble. The scam involved the use of stolen credit cards to ship goods to overseas addresses.
3/25/11 – Red Cross warning over Japan tsunami donation scam – –
The Red Cross has warned prospective donors who want to give money to the Japan Tsunami Appeal to beware of email scams purporting to be from the charity.
3/24/11 – Malware Distributed via Fake Japan Blackout Alerts – –
Scammers are currently distributing malware via email spam posing as information about rolling blackouts in Japan.
3/24/11 – Scottsdale firm accused of texting scam - ZACentral –
A Scottsdale-based company faces accusations that it generated millions of dollars in revenue by using a deceptive Internet marketing scheme to get wireless customers to buy premium text-messaging services.
3/24/11 – Top 5 Online 2011 Tax Scams – PCWorld –
You may not want to think about your taxes until Tax Day on April 18, but online scammers are already plotting to separate you from your tax refund and your identity. Scams for the 2011 tax season include promises of tax credits for charitable donations to disaster relief in Japan, malware-laden Websites optimized for search engines, dangerous e-mail, and so-called ‘likejacking’ techniques found on the social network Facebook.

3/23/11 - FarmVille, game-related Facebook scams are widespread – –
The most widespread scams involve fake “stalker apps,” or fake applications that supposedly allow users to track in-depth data regarding who visits your page. Scams claiming to offer free FarmVille items or those in other games are also quite widespread.

3/17/11 – Jury Duty Scam Hits Sacramento – KTXL – Mozilla Firefox
This phone scam uses intimidation to try to bully people into giving information by pretending they are with the court system. If you give them any information, your identity will be stolen.

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