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Bizarre New Twists on ATM Crime

by Dave on March 27, 2011

Free standing ATM machineWhy Don’t You Just Take the Whole Thing?
Late last month Australian officials learned of novel twist on ATM crime. The criminals stole the an ATM machine full of cash and replaced it with a faulty (and empty) ATM stolen earlier. I assume the ATM criminals left the faulty machine to delay reporting of the theft.

Sticky Situation For Customers
The San Francisco Examiner reported recently ( that several ATM customers in California were surprised when they went to use local ATMS and found several of the touchpad keys were disabled. Thieves had glued the “enter,” “cancel” and “clear” buttons. Flustered, the customers left their cards in the ATM to find help. Unfortunately many customers don’t realize that the touch screen can be used to complete the transaction. That’s when the thief jumps in and finishes the transaction, grabs the cash before help arrives.

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