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Amazon – Tablets, Publishing, Rockets(!) and more… Is World Domination Next?

by Dave on September 6, 2011

rocket launchingI try hard to keep up with the Internet goings-on. I really do. But sometimes I feel like I’m falling behind. In this case WAY behind. I’ve heard about the new Amazon android tablet – the buzz is all over the Internet. But when did Amazon start publishing music and signing authors to publish books? And how in the world did I miss the news they were launching rockets??

In case you missed some of these stories too, here are some details:

A writer says he was asked to test drive the new 7-inch Amazon Android tablet. His blog post is here ( with details. If you just want the basics, this LATimes article can help (

According to the New Your Times ( Amazon shook the book publishing world last month when they signed popular author Timothy Ferris to book publishing deal. The move signaled Amazon was moving aggressively into book publishing, after dominating the book selling world for many years.

Speaking of shaking things up, says ( Amazon just signed Debbie Harry and Blondie to a new album. Amazon is in the music publishing business too? Yep, surprise, surprise.

If that’s not enough, says Amazon is testing a new service that allows you the option to have products ordered from Amazon delivered to your local 7-Eleven. Apparently this is for those who aren’t home during the day and don’t have a post office box.

Now, about the rockets. The Wall Street Journal reports ( ) that Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos,is helping to fund Blue Origins LLC, one of several private space ventures. The latest rocket test however, veered out of control and had to be destroyed.

Speaking of Mr. Bezos, he recently applied for a patent for an airbag in your smartphone. Yes an airbag. I actually heard about this at the time. Weird geeky things like this move around the Internet like wildfire.

I think they’ll have to take up world domination with Google. Who said the meek shall inherit the earth?

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