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Michael’s Craft Stores Latest Skimming Card Fraud Targets

by Dave on May 12, 2011

point of sale devicePoint-of-sale (POS) fraud is back in the news. Customers from Michael’s craft stores around the Chicago area have reported money missing from their bank accounts ( Similar crimes have occurred in Canada recently (

Update: The latest information ( indicate that as many as 70 terminals across the country have been compromised. There is no evidence that the Michael’s in Florida have been compromised.

POS tampering often involves swapping legitimate PIN pads or card readers inside stores with fake machines that have been altered to collect credit and debit card numbers. When the cards are used, the data is collected and stored, or in come cases transmitted wirelessly to nearby criminals.

This is simply a variation of ATM skimming detailed here ( A previous story about attacks on points-of-sale (POS) involved Aldi grocery and Hancock Fabrics.

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