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Malware – The Latest Exploits

by Dave on October 9, 2011

skull and crossbones on the enter keyThese stories, taken from August & September 2011, show cyber criminals exploiting every human emotion to get malware into your computer. The more you know about their methods, the safer you will be. For the uninitiated, an explanation of malware, botnets, zombies, etc is here: Read on…

Although some Mac owners still think their computers are invulnerable to malware, that myth has been pretty thoroughly dispelled in 2011. Recent examples include malware posing as pdfs (, and Flash (

In early August, Australian security experts found malware waiting to ambush unsuspecting buyers inside hard drives sold by Aldi (

Some malware used fake legal threats to entice people to click on a link ( Other criminals sent fake invoices (

One clever malware e-mail campaign ( claims to be a notice of a speeding ticket. It says you must print out the attached ticket and send it to the court. But if you click on that link you’ll be infected.

And we can’t forget Facebook. Cyber criminals somewhere offered a bogus Facebook app that is supposed to share a last message with their family and friends after their death (

Prepare yourself for an onslaught of malware connected to the tragic death of Steve Jobs ( Predators always are attracted to tragedy.

More malware exploits here:

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