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Gas Pump Skimming Still Going Strong

by Dave on March 24, 2011

using a card at a gas pumpTwo stories about skimmers on gas pumps caught my attention recently.

Back in December, a gas station attendant found a skimmer inside a gas pump in Mountain View California. Police rigged the pump to notify them the next time that pump was opened. Two weeks later they arrested 2 men when they tried to retrieve the skimmer. They found gas pump keys, 6 more skimmers, the addresses of several more gas stations and information on more than 3,600 credit card numbers. More here:

In the second story, Tuscon Arizona police say pay-at-the-pump skimming has been on the rise for the last several months. They’ve notified gas station owners to check their pumps regularly, and they are warning consumers about the problem as well. In this article Robert Siciliano, CEO of, says these criminals prefer warmer climates because the adhesive they use to attach gas pump and ATM skimmers doesn’t work as well in colder climates.

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