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This Week’s Internet Security / Privacy News Roundup

by Dave on September 13, 2011

remote control attack helicopterHere are some stories that came out in the last week. Some of these headlines sound like they came from a grocery store tabloid but unfortunately, they’re true.

9/9/11 – How to Steal Corporate Email Without Breaking the LawResearchers steal 20GB of corporate emails via misspelled domains – HelpNetSecurity –

9/9/11 – DIY drone helicopter can attacks WiFis for less than $600 – Naked Security – – Researchers say this low cost remote-control helicopter (Skynet) can find and attack poorly protected WiFi networks, and infect computers attached to them.

9/8/11 – Your Car’s Next Enemy: Malware – Informationweek – – Researchers say increasing vehicle technology combined with access to the Internet may lead to automotive malware.

9/7/11 – Justice Dept. Loses Round in Warrantless Phone Tracking – CNET News – – The American Civil Liberties Union went up against the Department of Justice over alleged mobile phone tracking – and won. According to ACLU, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ordered the Justice Department to hand over names and case docket numbers in cases where it “accessed cell phone location data without a warrant.”

9/7/11 – FBI Catches Up to California Sextortionist – Multiple victims, interesting article. Bottom line – keep an eye on the webcam in your laptop.

9/6/11 – Russian Malware Makers Turn to Child Porn Scareware for Profit – – – Users are exhorted to pay a ransom fee or be reported to police for having child porn in their computer – even when there is none.

9/6/11 – Rent-a-Botnet Service Accept MasterCard, Visa and PayPal – Krebs on Security – – The owners of this sophisticated botnet apparently advertise publicly. Lots of interesting details in this article by expert security journalist Brian Krebs.

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