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Phone Hacking – So Easy a Reporter Can Do It

by Dave on August 9, 2011

a hand holding up a Mobile PhoneTo be honest, I really haven’t followed the UK phone hacking scandal very closely. But as I began searching for information on it, I ran across a very nice summary in Wikipedia. ( It’s only 3 paragraphs. The repercussions of this story have been felt halfway around the world.

Yet that didn’t help me understand what actually happened from a technology perspective. That’s where this story ( from Naked Security, the blog of security firm Sophos, helped fill in the gaps.

As it turns out there was really no ‘hacking’ per se. Those whose phones were ‘hacked’ in this event, simply never changed their PIN (Personal Identification Number). They were using the default PIN that came with the phone. The problem is that many of the default PINS are well known and even published on the Internet. So all anyone had to do was dial the phone and type in the PIN.

So how do you stay safe from this ‘hack?’ David Rogers has some excellent advice in the Naked Security article (

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