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DEF CON – The Event That Scares Hackers

by Dave on August 14, 2011

DefCon19 LogoDEF CON is a 4 day convention of hackers in Las Vegas. According to Wikipedia ( it’s “ …one of the world’s largest annual hacker conventions…”. Attendees include hackers, crackers, phone phreakers, computer security professionals, journalists, lawyers, cyber-criminals and security researchers. Federal law enforcement agents from the FBI, Dept of Defense, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, and other agencies also regularly attend DEF CON. Attendance is estimated to be between 10,000 – 15,000.

This CNN article ( says “The aim of the event is to better inform both insiders and everyday people about the risks of operating in our increasingly digital world and to work on solutions. But the practical result of gathering this many highly skilled hackers in one building — in a Las Vegas casino, no less — is that everyone here is experiencing some level of terror.”

The article goes on to say “…there’s no place on Earth where you’re more likely to get hacked.” Hmmm… hackers hacking hackers. What fun. It goes on to quote advice offered by a DEF CON spokesperson:

You are about to enter one the most hostile environments in the world. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind …
- Your hotel key card can be scanned by touch, so keep it deep in your wallet.
- Do not use the ATM machines anywhere near either conference. Bring cash and a low balance credit card with just enough to get you through the week.
- Turn off Fire Sharing, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on all devices. Don’t use the Wi-Fi network unless you are a security expert; we have wired lines for you to use.
- Don’t accept gifts, unless you know the person very well – a USB device for instance.
- Make sure you have strong passwords on ALL your devices. Don’t send passwords “in the clear,” make sure they are encrypted. Change your passwords immediately after leaving Vegas.
- Don’t leave a device out of sight, even for a moment.
- People are watching you at all times, especially if you are new to the scene.
- Talk quietly. Conduct confidential phone calls off site …”


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