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What Do You Really Know About Internet Scammers?

by Dave on July 29, 2010

mouse trap baited with moneyThis 3-part series of interviews with a former scammer is well worth a few minutes of your time. The interview was conducted by a British blogger who says up front that he has no way to verify the information contained in this interview. Even so it’s a great read.

The anonymous scammer contacted this blogger by phone and claims to have spent a number of years in working his way up a Nigerian criminal gang. The gang taught him a variety of tricks to con people, mostly Americans and Europeans, out of their money. The con man goes on to provide a wealth of details on how these gangs actually work and how scammers use a variety of tricks to convince victims to both trust them, and send them money.

Here’s one quote:
“Once you reply your email address will be put on a list and sold to other gangs, even if you never reply again. It just tells them that the address is real and that somebody reads email going to that address. If they can’t get you with 419 (advance-fee fraud) they will try phishing or viruses to get your banking details and take your money that way.”

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