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Revolutionary Photos, Cyber Insurance, and a Beer Recommendation App

by Dave on July 14, 2011

Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale

6/23/11 – Ready, Fire, Aim: The Revolutionary Photos – Washington Post –
Here’s a high-tech camera start-up that promises to launch a “picture revolution.” With this camera, you shoot first, focus later. And when you take the time to focus, your photo turns into an amazing work of 3D art with crisp, high-definition details.

6/22/11 – Protect Your Business Assets With Cyber Insurance
Businesses are being attacked by cybercriminals on a regular basis. According to the FBI Computer Crime Survey ( 64 percent of those businesses say they suffered financial damage, with the average hit exceeding $24,000. That is why the cyber insurance business has grown into a $400 million business in the last 3 years. This new form of business insurance is designed to pay for the costs of untangling the mess and loss of business when computer systems are paralyzed.

6/14/11 – BrewGene Launches Free Beer Recommendation Mobile App and Website
Here’s an interesting mash-up (an application that blends together the functions of other apps). is offering a social-media-meets-beer app. The user first has to try, and then rate one or more brands of beers. The app then recommends brands of beer based on that input plus the input of many others.

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