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Tech News Roundup

by Dave on November 11, 2010

stack of newspapersRunning Low on Internet Addresses
The Number Resource Organization, a group consisting of the world’s 5 Internet registries says that only about 5% of IPv4 web addresses are left. The web addresses they’re talking about aren’t the ones we humans read, such as They’re talking about the machine-readable addresses such as The experts say all the addresses will be gone in early 2012. The new standard, IPv6 is ready to go, but hasn’t been fully implemented by all Internet stakeholders. Read more here:

E-crime Now More Common Than Real Crime
Risk management consulting firm Kroll says in a new global fraud report that electronic fraud surpassed physical scams as the most common form of fraud in the world. 

20 Ways To Increase Laptop’s Battery Life offers an interesting and fairly thorough article to help you conserve the battery life of your laptop. Excellent!

Hey, You with the Open Wi-Fi!
This article explains the real story behind Google’s privacy problems. This would be a non-issue except that so many people haven’t secured their wi-fi.

Mobile Apps That Help You Manage Your Life
So many apps, so little time. I rely on Top 10 lists to separate the signal from the noise. Here’s a list that looks interesting. Some examples: DinnerSpinner asks you to enter the ingredients you have on hand and offers see a range of possible recipes in return. Baby Soothe lets your mobile device play one of a variety of calming sounds to lull your crying baby to sleep.

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