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The Connected Auto – and a Few Good Apps

by Dave on November 23, 2010

Gas Buddy smartphone appSome models of 2011 Fords, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC at least, will soon be offering a set of features to ‘connect’ your car in ways that rival a smartphone. For the moment there are two systems – GM’s OnStar and Ford’s Sync .

These systems offer a host of features including voice recognition, an SD Card slot, like many digital cameras, and Wi-Fi capability.

These systems will offer apps for iPhone and Android that allow standard key fob functions like remote starts or locking and unlocking the car. The apps will allow drivers to check their gas gauge, mark their parking spot with GPS coordinates and set a timer to track how much time you have left on the parking meter.

But how those of us that won’t be buying a new car soon? Well, there are apps for that.

GasBuddy is an Android app that locates and maps nearby gas stations using your location. iGasUp is a similar iPhone app.

CarSpotter is an iPhone app that saves yourGPS location when you park your car, then maps your way back to it. ParkDroid is a similar app for Android.

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