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skull key on a keyboardI’m a  semi-geek techie alarmed by the growing tidal wave of malware, botnets, identity theft, scams, and cybercrime occurring just below the surface of the Internet. Unfortunately, most people are only vaguely aware of the scope and magnitude of these threats. My goal is to raise awareness of these threats and to encourage better personal Internet security.

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Just for the record, this blog is not about repairing or fixing problems caused by malware, Trojans, etc. In other words, I’m NOT an IT support person. Here is a list of Help Forums that might be useful if you need that kind of help.

In 2013 I retired as a Florida Extension Agent after 15 years. I taught horticulture for 10 years and technology for 5 years. This blog is not associated with the University of Florida, IFAS or Extension.

The easiest way to contact me is by e-mail: Dave AT techteachtoo DOT com. Substitute @ for AT and a (.) for DOT.

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